We are humans, and we are bound to experience anger. However, how we manage our anger matters a lot. It is necessary we display this emotion, but it is also equally important that we know how to control it, no matter how furious we may be.

Anger becomes a mentally unhealthy emotion when a person displays a pattern of regular anger in situations which are not necessary. Anger management could be difficult for some people, and it has the capacity to affect their reputation and relationships.

One of the effects of anger is, it makes you antisocial. Anger push people away from you. These people are aware of your anger, and they would try to avoid you at all costs.

So, when you do not have people around you, it would be difficult for you to make friends. If the person happens to be a friendly individual, anger has the capacity to scare them away because of emotional violence.

Anger also makes someone dysfunctional. Anger problems are not mentally healthy, they make a person unable to cope with the demands which comes with the society.

Angry people are known for keeping other people at arm’s length, because they are not used to keeping good relationships.

These people find it difficult to make it in life because they have a dysfunctional personality. It is very hard for them to handle leadership roles, because they are not patient, and they are usually very choleric.

In addition to this, anger affects your physical and mental health. It is a very stressful emotion, which induces the release of cortisol, which is known as the stress hormone. Thus making the rate of your heart to speed up, and your stomach experiences some form of discomfort.

People who are usually angry need to see a mental health counselor, who would help them control their emotions effectively. Someone who is very angry can take a life, so it is important that they see a therapist who would provide the necessary help for them.

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