How to Manage Stress

managing stressStress is something everyone lives with to a degree. Some people have high levels of stress while others have low levels. The amount of stress that you personally entertain has a lot to do with your mental health and your personality. However, if your stress levels reach beyond what is mentally healthy, you have a responsibility to help yourself manage them. People can be prone to high stress for a number of reasons, internal and external, but it is necessary for people to recognize this trend in their lives and correct it before it does damage to themselves and to the people they are close to. A stressful personality is draining to everyone it effects and warrants immediate attention.
There are two primary ways of treating stress and anger problems. One of them is the cognitive behavioral side of stress management. This may involve personal reflection and implementing new mental health practices that you invent or that you read about, or it may involve help from a second party in the form of counseling or other types of relational support. This refers to thinking critically about your negative thought patterns, reevaluating them to set yourself up for healthier thought patterns and then working on yourself in order to execute them.
Once you have created a mental health plan for yourself, a part of executing it is determining the causes of stress in your life and eliminating them. Some elements of your life that create stress are actually toxic. such as an abusive significant other or a hostile work environment. It is mentally healthy to eliminate these elements completely. Other elements in your life that stress you out may be areas that you need to work on yourself in order to change. It could be that a time management problem you have is making your job stressful, or a problem with personal irresponsibility is making your relationship stressful. Sometimes it is merely a performance anxiety complex you have that induces your stress. These areas are things you are personally responsible for eliminating to achieve better mental health.
And lastly, filling your life with things that make you happy and feel purposeful are essential to stress management. Some of these things will be purely for fun, such as time to watch movies, some will be for health, such as a regular yoga practice, and some will invigorate you by being more challenging, such as training for a sports competition. All of these efforts create balance and mental health, which control stress.

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