How Stress Affects Your Life

stressful lifeStress is the root cause of or a contributor to a number of problems in people. Every year, more and more physical and mental health problems are linked to stress, and it is often referred to as a silent killer. Everyone experiences stress on some level, and many people profess that you can make stress work for you with practice, but there are individuals whose lives are consumed by stress. People who cannot manage stress become its victim and the consequences are not pretty. It is very important to learn to manage stress to ward off its devastating effects.

The physical affects of stress are known by most adults. When the workload gets heavy or the expectations start to stack up, the pressure builds and soon you find yourself wringing your hands and clenching your teeth. At first, the stress seems to be emotional and internal. But when it begins to last too long, you notice a headache coming on, or a stomach ache or perhaps cold symptoms. Stress can cause or contribute to a number of physical ailments, such as ulcers, acne, cancer, autoimmune disorders, infections and much more. Stress has been found to weaken the immune system and disturb sleep patterns.

Extended or chronic stress is also extremely hard on a person’s mental health. The toll that stress takes on a person’s thought and behavioral patterns is immense. Stress gives a person feelings of anxiety, inadequacy, failure, exhaustion, tension and confusion. It makes them less productive and less accurate. Living under these conditions begins to mess with a person’s head. They begin to realistically ask themselves questions such as “Will this stress ever end?” and “Am I capable at all?” and “What is wrong with me?” Stress can come from within a person or from without, but all forms of stress are detrimental when they are extended and immersive.

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